What Is Online Review Management?

Is your business plagued by a bad review from an angry customer? Do you wish you had more positive reviews of your business to feature on your website? In either situation, online review management can help. With a review management service, you’ll be better able to moderate and share the feedback customers are providing about your business on the web. As a result, you can expect a boost to your business. This is because potential new customers are likely to put a lot of stock into your online reputation. Continue reading for a clearer picture of what online review management can do for your business. 

Components of Online Review Management

You can’t stop someone from writing a negative review of your business. Even with outstanding customer service, some people just won’t walk away satisfied with your business. However, you can soften the blow of one or two bad reviews with a consistent flow of new reviews from happy customers. That’s one of the primary components of online review management. After all, with more recent, positive reviews, your business will outshine the competition! 

  • Monitoring reviews – You shouldn’t neglect the existing reviews that are out there for your business. Whether they’re positive or negative, you should respond to public reviews of your business. That way, potential customers will see that you value their opinions. Review management software alerts you whenever new reviews are posted, so you can respond in a timely fashion. 
  • Soliciting new reviews from happy customers – Along with helping you respond to any new reviews that come in, online review management will ramp up how many reviews you’re getting. Review management solutions include methods of prompting customers to leave reviews after they’ve made a purchase, so you’ll always have fresh reviews to feature on your site. You can even automatically share 5-star reviews! 
  • Offering proactive solutions for unhappy customers – Review management also includes steps for stopping bad reviews in their tracks. By allowing customers to provide feedback directly to your business, you can make things right without getting dinged by a negative review first. 

Why Online Review Management Matters 

Online reviews are taken seriously by potential customers. One of the top considerations that customers make when choosing a local business is their average star rating on sites like Google and Facebook. 

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