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At Leverage Marketing we are very proud of our work and even more proud to have happy customers pleased with the work we provided. Read reviews from across the web below. And feel free to give us a review if you are a new client.

Leverage Marketing is rated 5.0 out of 5 based on approximately 50 reviews from around the Web.
Great ideas and products.
Customer Service
Steve is the ultimate professional and has helped us gather many positive reviews for our business in a seamless manner.
Chris Holmes
Steve is very detail oriented and professional. The best company I have ever worked with for SEO!
Jerry Wiersma
Looking forward to continued business with Steve. Steve is very knowledgeable in his industry.
Tyce Holst
It was good but Leverage Marketing has been very effective at helping us not only capture more 4-5 star reviews but also helped utilize them to assist us in presenting those reviews to potential clients.
Tom Duisterhof
Leverage Marketing is Awesome to work with! My reviews on google have went from under 10, to over 70 in a few months. Strongly recommend!
Charles White
Steve was very helpful and informative. I'm looking forward to working with him!
Dorrie Bath
I worked with Leverage Marketing in setting up review and listings management and the level of professionalism was on point. It was simple and easy for me. I...
John Brown
I started working with Steve a couple of months ago to help get set up on all the listings out there and he's been extremely helpful and managing everything...
Cam Hardy
Steve is very knowledgeable and an asset to any small, medium or large company.
Dan Williams
Leverage Marketing delivers results you can actually see.
Zachary Schultz
I've been thoroughly impressed with Leverage Marketing's review system. I highly recommend Leverage Marketing!
Rob Rice
Overall, the response rate was 34% and I was very pleased with that! Even better was the 800% increase in reviews!!
Alix Criswell
I recommend that you reach out to Steve at Leverage Marketing and see how he can help you too.
Richard Kirvan
I recommend that you reach out to Steve at Leverage Marketing and see how he can help you too.
Rick Kirvan
We found Leverage Marketing and have had great results.
Sue Wright
I really appreciate the guidance we are receiving and the early results are great!
Eric Sattler
Great company to work with, will go above and beyond the call of duty.
Nancy Deaton
Steve is professional, a great listener and really attuned to what your individual business may or may not need to leverage their existing marketing efforts.
Community Education Coordinator
Steve is a great partner in our marketing success! Highly recommend him for his positivity and knowledge!
Brett Ryan Buckingham
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