How Can You Get More Google Reviews for Your Business?

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You know that online reviews are important, and you take every step to ensure great service with every customer interaction. But still, you only have a small handful of reviews of your business on Google. So, what’s the problem? 

Even with the best customer service, positive Google reviews aren’t a given. It takes some extra work to get new reviews coming in, but it’s well worth the effort. Consumers treat online reviews just like personal recommendations from friends and family. Plus, when you have lots of recent reviews on Google, customers will see your business as more trustworthy and reliable. Here’s how to ramp up your reviews to grow your business. 

Claim Your GMB Listing

Google reviews are featured on your GMB (Google My Business) listing. Your business may have a listing even if you haven’t claimed it. However, by claiming your listing, you can optimize it with accurate, helpful info about your business. You’ll also make your listing more visible in Google results, which will make it easier for customers to leave their feedback. 

Nudge Customers to Leave a Review After They Make a Purchase 

The average person may make several purchases in a week, so it’s not always easy to remember to leave feedback after a great experience. Sending a brief email or text reminder can help nudge satisfied customers to leave a quick review on Google. With our Leverage Reviews platform, we do just that, and we’re able to stop any negative reviews in their tracks.

Respond to Existing Reviews 

Customers want to know that their feedback will be heard whether it’s positive or negative. So, it’s helpful to respond to all your existing Google reviews. This is another reason to claim and manage your GMB listing, since that’s where you’ll post your replies. Even a simple “Thanks for your feedback” can show customers that their reviews are read by the business owner, which may make them more likely to share their own opinions. 

Are you ready to master review management to generate more positive buzz about your business? Leverage Marketing can help! Contact us today to learn what we can do for your online reputation.