What Is a PPC Landing Page and Why Is It Important?

landing page designs

PPC advertising can be a powerful tool for your digital marketing strategy. However, it will fall flat if you don’t utilize a thoughtful ad design that drives specific consumer action. The exact goal of your ads may vary, but with any ad you should design a dedicated landing page to reinforce the premise of your ad and present a strong, clear call to action for consumers. Otherwise, you may see a fizzling ad performance that doesn’t generate a great ROI for your spend. 

Exploring PPC Landing Page Content and Design

High-performing PPC ads will include a specific message that drives user action. For example, a Grand Rapids roofing company may run an ad encouraging customers to schedule a free roof inspection. However, if that ad directs users to the company’s homepage or another page on their site, it may not encourage users to follow through by scheduling an appointment. Instead, a new page should be created to pair with the ad. This landing page should make it easy to book an appointment right away, either with a signup form or a “call now” button. It’s also helpful to include some information supplementing the ad’s message. In this case, the landing page may offer insight on the value of roof inspections and the process that homeowners can expect. Relevant, high-quality images will round out the landing page design for effective conversions. 

Understanding Why You Need a Strong Landing Page 

Not sure it’s worth building a whole new page on your site just for one PPC ad? Consider the following: 

  • Google Ads favor advertisements paired with relevant landing pages by assigning them higher quality scores. That means a great landing page could get your PPC ads seen by more users. 
  • Landing pages are where conversions happen. No matter what the goal of your PPC campaign is, your landing page is where consumers can take action, whether that’s making a purchase, signing up for your newsletter, or booking a service appointment. 

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