What’s the Role of Directory Listings in Local SEO?

Directory listings

When you think about local SEO, you probably focus on Google-owned services like Google My Business. While a primary goal with local SEO is to get seen in search results on Google, there are other sites that will influence your success. For example, directory listing sites have a strong impact on your local SEO visibility, but it’s easy to overlook these sites or find yourself too busy to manage your listings. Working with a digital marketing agency can help you stay on top of your directory listings. Here’s why that matters. 

Improve Your Location Authority 

Location authority translates to your power to get seen on Google Maps. It’s essentially a measure of your credibility and consistency in your web presence. If your business isn’t featured in major directory sites—or the listings that exist are riddled with errors like outdated phone numbers or old addresses—you may not be seen on Google Maps. Cleaning up your listings and getting as many new listings on trusted directory sites as possible will boost your location authority so that you pop up on Maps more often. 

Get Seen in Search Results 

When someone searches Google for “plumbers in Grand Rapids,” your website may not turn up on page 1 of search results. However, it’s almost a guarantee that sites like Thumbtack or HomeAdvisor will be on page 1. Within those results, you may see a list of top companies listed on each directory—basically, you’ll have a shortcut to page 1 of Google. 

Widen Your Reach 

It’s important to remember that people don’t exclusively use Google to find the products and services they need. Some users will go directly to their preferred directory sites to find local companies, so you’ll want to be there to show up in their search results. 

Directory listings management can be time-consuming, but Leverage Marketing makes it a breeze. Explore our local SEO services on our website, or call (616) 377-4392 to get started.