Why Do Small Business Owners Need Local SEO Marketing?

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For small businesses, digital marketing can easily feel overwhelming. There are so many marketing services out there, and some may be well beyond your current budget. That’s why it’s essential to focus first on local SEO marketing. This strategy targets customers only in your service area and helps you get seen not only in general search results, but also on Google Maps and in online business directories. Here’s a closer look at how local SEO marketing will matter for your small business. 

Get Seen in Your Immediate Area 

With local SEO, your marketing strategy will be hyper-focused on the geographic area immediately surrounding your business (or the service area where you visit your customers). That means you’ll have the benefit of targeting only those individuals who are physically near your business searching for the products and services you offer. For a small business, this type of targeting is incredibly valuable, because it ensures that every dollar of your marketing budget is well-spent. 

Outcompete the Big Guys 

How do you compete with national chains and superstores in your area? Local SEO marketing is the key. You’ll be able to outshine competitors where it matters most, so people are more likely to find your business. Customers will often choose a small, local business over a big chain—but only if they know that you exist. Using directories, citations, and Google My Business, you can create a bigger local search presence that gets your business seen. 

Keep Customers Informed 

Increasingly, customers are looking to the web for answers to questions about local business hours. For example, customers may head to Google to check for businesses open on holidays instead of calling directly to find out if you’re open. By managing your GMB and other local marketing tools, you can ensure that customers will find accurate, up-to-date info that will keep them coming to your business. 

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