Strategies for Making Your Web Design More SEO Friendly

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Above all else, your web design should be aesthetically pleasing to help bolster your professional image and keep customers interested in your brand. However, without incorporating SEO friendly practices into your website design, potential customers may never find it in the first place. Below are a few top strategies for making your website more SEO friendly, so you can jump to the top of search results. 

Make It Easy to Navigate 

A well-designed website will draw users in and keep them clicking from one page to the next to find the relevant, engaging information they need. One simple web design feature to make this happen is internal linking—or incorporating links to other pages on your site either directly within the text or with strategically placed buttons on the page. It’s essential that all internal links are functional and don’t land users at a 404-error message. If you include links to pages off your site, set them to open in a new tab so that users aren’t taken completely away from your website. 

Run a Speed Check 

What do you do when you visit a website that doesn’t load quickly? Chances are, you click back to the search engine and find another site to deliver the information you need faster. You won’t want this to happen when people visit your website, so run a speed check to make sure your site loads quickly. If it doesn’t, your web design may feature too many graphics, plugins, or an outdated content management system. 

Optimize Pages with Header Tags 

An uninterrupted block of text is not appealing to users, and it won’t get you much traction when it comes to SEO. Instead, you should make pages easier to navigate and scan with header tags. This breaks content into easily digestible sections and helps users pinpoint the exact info they need on the page. 

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