How Do Google Ads Work on the Google Search Network?

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When you think about Google Ads, you probably think about the sponsored results that appear on Google’s search results pages. However, this is just one of the many places where Google Ads can appear. With the Google Search Network, web users may see your ads on hundreds of other sites, which can maximize your exposure to customers in your area. Here’s a closer look at how Google Ads work on the Search Network. 

Your Ads are Featured Throughout the Google Search Network. 

Thanks to the Search Network, Google Ads may be featured on hundreds of different websites that are all required to comply with Google policies. These include other sites owned by Google, such as YouTube, along with many other partner sites. Ads on the Search Network may have a lower click rate because they’re shown to users who aren’t actively searching for a service. However, seeing your ads during their daily web browsing may help solidify brand awareness and loyalty. 

There are Several ad Type Options for Non-Search Ads. 

Just like with ads on Google Search, there are several types of ads on the Search Network. Shopping ads can be particularly effective in quickly grabbing interest and boosting conversions, as they will display images with links directly to products for sale on your website. You can also display image and video ads on the Google Search Network. 

You can Customize Your Search Network Placements. 

To maximize your success with Google Ads on the Search Network, you can remove specific search partners from your campaigns. You can also bid to better customize your ad placement on the most relevant partner sites to achieve the best conversions. 

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