Google My Business Secrets: Exploring Little-Known Features to Enhance Your GMB Profile

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Google My Business (GMB) is a free but powerful tool to put your small business on the map. Setting up a GMB profile is crucial in improving your SEO and connecting with customers.  Once you have your profile set up, you’ll want to focus on building out the key features that can get your company noticed. Below are the top GMB profile features that you should set up today.

Keep Customers Updated with Posts

Sure, you may remember to update the company blog and social media accounts, but Google My Business gives you another way to update people who find your listing via Search, Maps, and other resources within the Google network. Posts may include up to 300 words with new info about your business, such as extended business hours, or short blurbs about the services you offer. New posts remain visible on your listing for 7 days. 

Satisfy Curiosity with Q&A

The question-and-answer section of your profile can be extremely informative. This section allows the public to ask you anything about your products and services. Be sure to check this section regularly and respond to questions in a thorough, friendly manner. This Q&A section could serve as the catalyst to turn a curious searcher into an eager buyer. 

Snag Reservations with Appointments

The Appointments feature on GMB allows people to book your services with just one click. Head to the “Info” section of your GMB profile and link to the scheduling page on your website (or the third-party scheduling site you utilize) under “Appointment Links”. Then, you’re all set to start getting appointments directly through your GMB profile. This feature makes it incredibly easy for curious searchers on the web to convert to new customers, all in one place.  

It’s critical that you keep your GMB profile updated. It’s not enough to put it up and then walk away. The listing should serve as a way to engage with customers, answer their questions, and more!  

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