Could Your Website Design Be Driving Visitors Away?

website design

Imagine this scenario: You’re shopping online and the website you’re browsing takes so long to load that you get frustrated and abandon everything in your cart. Don’t let this happen to potential customers visiting your website. Consumers want to be able to navigate your website and figure out what you offer in a manner of seconds. Making this difficult with an unintuitive, outdated website design can cause potential customers to leave and never come back. Consider the following common web design mistakes as you look at how your website could be improved.

Slow Page Load Times

From caching issues to large media files, there are many reasons your webpage could be slowed down. A slow loading website is going to send potential customers straight to your competitors. If you’re unsure why your website isn’t loading quickly, Google speed insights can quickly give you a rundown of things to fix to gain more speed. Of course, it may also help to have help from the pros if you’re not an expert in technical SEO. 

Lack of Contact Info

Your contact information is critical to the success of your website. Having clear and accessible contact info opens the door to curious customers and makes them feel welcome. 

Make sure you have a prominent “Contact Us” page on your site and include a tab for it on your header navigation. In addition, be sure that the name, address, and phone number of your business is up-to-date and clearly displayed in the site header or footer. 

Low Quality Photos

We live in a visual world. Consumers will pay much more immediate attention to the images on your homepage before diving into the text describing your services. If your homepage doesn’t have high-quality, compelling images, it’s unlikely that customers will click through to your product pages. 

Leverage Marketing can help make sure your website is fast, SEO-optimized, and easy on the eyes. Our web design services have helped triple the size of some of our clients’ businesses. Please contact us today to book a consultation call so we can determine how to best help you and your brand.