The Dangers of Ignoring Reputation Management

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In the year 2021, your online reputation means everything to your business. There is no point in creating an amazing product or service if you’re not making a good impression with your current and potential customers online. That’s where reputation management comes in. Reputation management is all about keeping track of your brand’s online persona, and how customers are responding to it. 

Consumers Base Buying Decisions on Online Reviews. 

Your online reputation directly impacts customer’s buying decisions. 84% of customers say they trust online reviews as much as recommendations from loved ones. It’s crucial that you are monitoring these reviews regularly so that you can be part of the conversation.  

Ignoring Reputation Management Could Cost You Customers. 

When you monitor reviews and respond promptly, you can gain trust with your customers. Responding to negative reviews with integrity can encourage that customer to buy again. Even more importantly, it can show potential customers that you’re willing to engage with their feedback, even if it includes criticism of your business. You never want to burn bridges with any potential customer. Managing your online reputation means reading every review and responding to them as often as possible.  

You May Miss Out on Valuable Feedback. 

While it’s a bummer to read negative reviews about your company, these types of reviews also yield valuable insight. When you don’t monitor reviews and actively seek out what people are saying about your brand, you miss out on feedback that could build you into a better company. Sometimes negative reviews are the breeding ground for great ideas and improvements you never would have thought of yourself. Conversely, positive reviews can shed light on what truly sets your business apart. 

Leverage Marketing can help you manage your online reputation so you can shift your focus back on creating quality products and services. We can help you measure your progress toward a healthy reputation by monitoring reviews and encouraging more of your customers to leave their feedback.  Contact us today to book a strategy call.