Exploring the Rules of Effective Reputation Management

woman on laptop and phone in café

It’s no secret that reviews posted about your business online can have a strong impact on your bottom line. Without many reviews at all or even a lack of recent reviews, potential customers may be uncertain about your business and choose a competitor with more current positive feedback. Alternatively, negative reviews may tarnish your business’s reputation and cause customers to turn away to a competitor. Reputation management can make all the difference, boosting the number of reviews about your business and encouraging more frequent customer engagement. However, there are a few rules you need to follow to see results from your efforts. 

Focus on the Positive

One negative review won’t tank your reputation, especially if you provide a public response to that review. But if your response isn’t positive, it may work further against you. Even if you think that a negative reviewer isn’t accurately representing your business, it’s important not to engage in an argument. Instead, apologize for the negative experience and reach out to see how you can make it right. If the review is illegitimate and not from someone who’s visited your business, you can file a claim with the review site to try and get the invalid review taken down. 

Respond to Every Review

It means a lot to your business when customers leave reviews. So, you should let them know! Responding to every new review that’s posted about your business will show potential new reviewers that their feedback is appreciated. 

Maintain an Ongoing Effort

One catch with reputation management is that you need to make a continued effort to see continued results. Online reviews rapidly lose their persuasive powers as they get older. If there aren’t regularly new reviews coming in for your business, customers might wonder if your quality has slipped or if you’re even still in business at all. 

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