Signs Your Business Needs a New Website

two people working at a desk with a laptop

Your website is the core of your online presence. If it doesn’t offer potential customers the information they need, visually represent your business with a professional look, and offer a layout that’s easy to navigate, it may be time to develop a new site to serve as the digital face of your business. Not sure if now is the right time to upgrade your business’s website? The following signs are all great reasons to invest in a new website as part of your digital marketing strategy for 2022. 

Your Website Doesn’t Rank Well in Organic Search Results. 

Both the content and design of your website will affect your search engine ranking. If your site isn’t on page 1 for your top keywords, you may be missing out on exposure that could bring you new business. Other metrics to look at for your site performance include your monthly site visitors and your clickthrough rate. If you aren’t seeing new traffic on your website, or people who do see your site are leaving after viewing the homepage, your current site isn’t doing enough to boost your business. 

People Often Call with Questions About Your Business. 

Websites can’t be all style and no substance. Your website should leave readers with a clear impression of what your business does, where your business is located, and how to reach you. If it’s not easy to navigate to various pages on your site—or your site doesn’t include relevant information that potential customers need—you may spend a lot of time answering phone calls to field questions from potential customers who need more information. Alternatively, people may turn to your competitors if they can’t readily find details about your business on your website. 

Your Website Looks Dated. 

Website design trends evolve over time, so a website that’s several years old may have a dated appearance that doesn’t look professional. An older website is also more prone to performance issues like slow loading speeds. 

Position your business for success with a beautiful new website from Leverage Marketing. We offer several tiers of website design, so you can build a great website on any budget. Fill out our contact form to schedule a short strategy call where you can discuss your vision for your new site.