What Makes a Great PPC Landing Page?

person using credit card to shop online

Your PPC ads are what catch the attention of online leads. PPC landing pages are what make the sale. When someone clicks on a pay-per-click ad, they will be directed to a landing page that’s linked to the ad. A well-designed PPC landing page will offer clear, concise information that prompts a singular customer action—that action may be to book an appointment, purchase a product, or simply sign up for a mailing list. Along with a singular call to action, a great PPC landing page will include the following elements to convince your leads to take the plunge and click that CTA button. 

High-Quality Images

Your ad may only have a single, small image or feature a text-only format. However, visuals are essential for closing sales. Your PPC landing pages should feature relevant, high-quality images or videos that engage your audience. If your goal is to sell a product, you’ll want to have plenty of product shots included on the page. If you are promoting a service, images like before and after photos can convince potential customers that the service is worthwhile. Stock images may help you round out the page, but ideally, you’ll feature real product images or pictures from your business. 

Product Features and Benefits 

A strong landing page will not only show a product or service in action, but it will also create a compelling argument to help close the sale. Your landing page should clearly outline the features and benefits of your offer with engaging written copy. Bulleted lists can help you detail features without overloading your reader with a wall of text. 

Trust Symbols 

It’s not enough to simply showcase that you have a great product or service. You also need to show that your business is trustworthy and reliable. Trust symbols like testimonials, links to your social media pages, award badges, and industry affiliations will help you run PPC ads that convert. 

With Leverage Marketing, our PPC advertising strategy includes building customized landing pages that turn leads into customers. Learn more about what we can do by scheduling a strategy call with our team to discuss your next PPC campaign.