New Trends in Web Design for 2022

2022 graphic with computers

If you’re planning to redesign your website in 2022, it’s helpful to consider new web design trends that are guided by the evolving preferences of modern consumers. While you won’t want your website to eventually feel dated by overusing current trends, it is helpful to understand what customers are responding to as we head into the New Year. Here’s a look at some trends in web design that you’re likely to see more of this year.  

Customization Features

Consumers are doing more of their web browsing on mobile devices than ever before. Therefore, it’s important to consider the many different environments where users may be visiting your site. For example, users may find your website while scrolling through their phones at night, so offering adaptability to dark mode can help create a smoother browsing experience. This is just one customization feature to think about in 2022, and customization goes deeper than simply offering convenience for different devices. Including theme and font customizations can improve accessibility for a wider range of web users, including those with visual or cognitive impairments. 

Retro Inspiration

In terms of visual design, expect to see a few retro trends making a comeback. Specifically, there is currently a revival of ’90s-inspired trends like robotic fonts, bright colors, and mixed textures. However, expect the modern iteration of these trends to offer a little more sophistication than their earlier counterparts. 

Hand Illustrated Graphics 

Increasingly, consumers are eager to connect with brands on a personal level, so adding a human touch to your web design can resonate with your target audience. Hand drawn illustrations and creative doodles in your site graphics offer that personal edge that can improve user engagement with your site. 

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