Are You Making Any of These Common SEO Mistakes?

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Local SEO is what helps your business get seen by internet users in your local market. Done right, local SEO practices can help you get more customers through your doors or more service appointments on your schedule. However, there are many ways that local search marketing can go wrong. If you’re making any of the following mistakes, Leverage Marketing can help you rethink your strategy so that you see greater success. 

You’re Lacking Customer Reviews.

One of the factors that Google will consider when ranking search results is customer reviews. Even if your business is ranking without many reviews, not having a strong record of customer feedback can be a red flag for potential customers who may feel more comfortable with one of your competitors that does have numerous reviews. If you’re struggling to see frequent customer reviews on Google, you may need reputation management services to help you gather more reviews. 

You Aren’t on Google My Business.

Have you claimed your Google My Business listing? If not, your local SEO strategy is virtually non-existent. However, it’s not enough to simply claim your listing. You should also optimize it with current information about your products and services and update it often with new photos, posts, and updates. 

You Haven’t Audited Your Local Directory Listings. 

Even if you haven’t sought out directory listings for your business, chances are you are featured in online directories. Unfortunately, these sites utilize automated tools that don’t always gather accurate info. That means your business may have an inconsistent presence, and that can hurt your local SEO ranking. Auditing and growing your listings will help you gain more search authority, so your site ranks higher in a greater volume of relevant searches. 

Don’t let your local SEO strategy slide. Contact Leverage Marketing to learn how we can help get your search marketing game back on track and help you see more customers in your area. Contact us today for a quick strategy call