Addressing Common Misconceptions About Review Management

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Addressing Common Misconceptions About Review Management

Although word of mouth recommendations can still be powerful in the digital age, more often consumers are flocking to the web to research their options for making everyday purchases at local businesses. Therefore, online reviews can be a powerful tool for your business. However, they can also be harmful if you don’t have many reviews from previous customers, or you have one or two bad reviews tanking your overall star rating. Review management can help you boost your online reputation, but you may have a few misconceptions about how this service works. Continue reading for the truth behind some common review management myths. 

Myth: Review Management Uses Fake Reviews.

One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding review management is that it utilizes fake reviews. What review management really does is encourage happy customers to post reviews by engaging them at exactly the right moments following a recent purchase. Reputation management also provides avenues for unhappy customers to leave feedback directly with your business, so you have a chance to resolve the problem before the customer leaves a negative review for the public to see. 

Myth: Only Large Businesses Need to Worry About Online Reviews.

Online reviews are just as important for small, local businesses as they are for large national chains. In fact, they may be even more essential for small businesses. 97% of people read reviews for local small businesses, and more than ¾ of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends and family. 

Myth: Businesses Won’t Benefit from Review Management if They Already Have Positive Reviews Online. 

If you have 3-4 great reviews of your business on Google or other review sites, you might think that you don’t need review management to boost your star rating. However, reviews lose power with age. If all your reviews are several months (or years) old, potential customers may wonder if your business still offers the quality service it once did. In addition, having only a small handful of reviews makes you more vulnerable to negative reviews plummeting your overall star rating. Don’t leave your business at the whim of random customer feedback. Take control of your online reputation with Leverage Marketing. Contact us today to book a strategy call with our digital marketing team.