How Do You Know If Your Digital Marketing Strategy Is Working?

person on tablet mapping out digital marketing strategy

Your digital marketing strategy is a big investment for your business, so you’ll want to know that it is yielding positive results. But how do you know if your strategy is working? A good digital marketing agency will provide monthly reporting to detail the progress of your campaign. Here is a look at a few key metrics that will let you know that your digital marketing efforts are succeeding. 

Increased Website Traffic

From PPC ads to SEO to social media marketing, there are several digital marketing strategies that are aimed at getting more people to visit your website. Checking your site traffic is one of the easiest ways to know whether your efforts are paying off. Along with an increase in overall website traffic, you should look for a lower bounce rate along with the number of form fills and contact inquiries you receive from your website. 

Online Sales Revenue 

If your business utilizes ecommerce, then your online sales revenue will be another clear indicator of your marketing success. Even if you aren’t closing sales online, there are still ways to see how digital marketing activities are influencing your sales. For example, you may utilize online booking software or implement a call tracking number on your website, so you can distinguish customers who come to you through the digital space. 

Improved Online Reputation 

When your digital marketing strategy is working, your business will be seen by more people, not only on your website, but also in spaces like social media platforms and third party review sites. As more people engage with your business online, it’s likely that you’ll see a boost in your online reputation. You may even specifically target reviews as part of your digital marketing campaign with services like reputation management. 

With Leverage Marketing, you won’t have to do the legwork to know how our digital marketing services are benefiting your business. We’ll provide clear and frequent reporting to keep you in the loop. Kick off your digital marketing strategy with us by booking a brief call with our team today.