Understanding Local SEO

Man searching on phone

Do you ever wonder how mom-and-pop shops compete against national brands in their digital marketing campaigns? The answer is local SEO. By specifically targeting searchers in your geographic area, local SEO lets you zero in on individuals who can easily access your storefront or local services.  

What is local SEO?

Local SEO includes any practice that aims to increase your business’s visibility in searches within a specified area. That area might be your neighborhood, town, city, or whole state. Local SEO may include some general SEO strategies, such as content management and on-page optimizations. However, it is especially focused on tools that engage nearby audiences, such as Google My Business and other online directories. 

Managing your online directory listings will ensure that your brand maintains a consistent image—and the right contact info—across the web. In addition, this will provide plenty of high-quality backlinks for your website to boost your site authority. In turn, your site will perform better in organic search results. 

Why does local SEO matter?

As a small business, it’s important to make every dollar of your ad spend count. Local SEO allows you to focus only on the audience that’s most likely to need your services: people who live and work in your community. Plus, local SEO allows your business to stand out in Google Maps search features. If you have a strong local SEO strategy, your business is likely to be among a select few highlighted in Google Maps search results. This means you’ll be targeting those nearby searchers who are ready to make a purchase and are actively seeking your services. 

Shoppers want to support the small businesses that make their community unique. Let local shoppers find your business with help from Leverage Marketing. Our Local Reach services will make your brand instantly recognizable in your community. Contact us today to schedule a quick strategy call for your small business.