Best Local SEO Strategy for 2021

woman performing a local voice search on her cell phone

Small businesses rely on local SEO to get noticed by customers in their service areas. If your small business hasn’t developed a local SEO plan for 2021, it’s not too late to reap the benefits now! Follow our best local SEO strategy tips below. 

Take Full Advantage of Your GMB Listing

Google My Business will be an important part of the best local SEO strategy for your small business. In the pandemic era, customers need more information about businesses before they visit them. For example, they need to know your mask policies, special shopping hours, or early closures. GMB provides a place for you to offer all this info and easily make quick updates as needed. 

Create Locally Focused Content for Your Website

Locally focused content not only helps your site rank well for local keywords, but it also positions your business as an authority in your community. Great examples of local content include events coverage for things happening in your neighborhood, blog posts focusing on community traditions and celebrations, or mentions of nearby restaurants to enjoy after visiting your business. Adding this type of content to your site is a natural way to boost your local SEO presence. 

Optimize Your Site for Mobile

In 2021, mobile search is more important than ever. Even though people are spending more time at home, they’re still using their mobile devices around the clock. This means that when local customers find you, they’re probably visiting your website via a smartphone or tablet. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile, you’re missing out on tons of potential business. 

You’ll also want to be sure that you’re accounting for the different ways someone might search on a mobile device. Voice search is increasingly common, and it’s something you can target by optimizing your site for long-tail keywords that mimic how people speak. For example, you might focus on phrases like “furnace repair available in the middle of the night,” alongside more traditional keywords like “24-hour HVAC service” on your website. 

Leverage Marketing can help you implement these tips and create your best local SEO strategy for 2021. Contact us today to discuss your digital marketing needs with our team.