What Are the Most Important Elements of Facebook Ads?

iPhone Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are a popular digital marketing solution for a variety of small businesses, because they can target specific audiences who are likely to be interested in your brand. However, when Facebook Ads aren’t well-designed, they may fall flat in their performance. The following elements are the most important features to think about for both billboard and boomerang ads on Facebook. 

A Targeted Message 

You don’t have a ton of room to share your message with Facebook Ads, so you should make sure that each individual ad has a targeted message that tells a story. In other words, you’re not trying to squeeze in every possible detail about your business. Instead, you should focus on a single pain point your customers may have and the solution you can offer as a fix. You’ll also want to think about your target audience as you create your ad message. Young adults will respond to different language than older individuals, so be sure that you keep your target demographic in mind. 

Strong Imagery 

While the text of your ad is important, it’s not what captures attention and gets users to stop scrolling. It’s the image or video that captures attention, so you should use captivating imagery that represents your brand. It is possible to successfully use stock images in Facebook Ads, but you will want to be highly selective about the colors, layout, and design of your chosen images. 

Call to Action 

No ad would be complete without a call to action. This is where you convert curious readers to new leads or even paying customers, so it should be clear what action you want someone to take when they see your ad. Facebook makes it easy with a few button options including Call Now, Purchase, Book Now, and Sign Up. 

If you’ve had difficulty mastering Facebook advertising or you want to make sure you get off on the right foot with this strategy, contact Leverage Marketing for a customized ad campaign that works for your business. Visit our contact page or email our team at info@leveragetogrow.com to get started.