3 Tips for Making the Most of Your Digital Marketing Budget

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As a small business owner, you know that every dollar of your marketing budget counts. So, it’s important to make the most of that budget. That doesn’t necessarily mean opting only for the most affordable services, however. It’s much more effective to focus on achieving the best possible return on investment with your marketing strategy. Follow these helpful tips for making the most of your digital marketing budget. 

1. Don’t Assume DIY Marketing Is More Affordable 

Often, small business owners will make the mistake of trying to take on digital marketing themselves to save money. However, you may find that it’s challenging to keep up on tasks like writing blogs, updating your website, posting on your social media profiles, or tracking performance on your Google Ads. When it comes to digital marketing, consistency is key, but many business owners find it difficult to remain consistent going at it alone. 

2. Focus on Your Local Presence 

Small businesses don’t need to advertise to customers who aren’t likely to ever visit their storefront or live outside of their service area. That means you should be focused on a local audience. If you have a limited digital marketing budget, local SEO can get you seen where it matters most. 

3. Connect Your Marketing Strategies 

One of the great things about digital marketing is that there are many complementary strategies that can overlap to give you even better results without ramping up your spending. For example, you can align your social media posts and GMB posts so that you use the same editorial calendar, but still update your audience on multiple platforms. Your digital marketing agency can help you streamline complementary strategies, so your business gets more attention online. 

Leverage Marketing can help you leverage your budget for an effective marketing strategy that grows your business. Find out what we can do by scheduling a short strategy call with our team or browsing our site for a closer look at our services.