Common Google Ads Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

Mistakes to Avoid on a notepad

If you are looking for a quick way to get to the top of search results, PPC ad spots through Google Ads can get you there. However, Google Ads aren’t a magic bullet for search advertising success. Often, businesses will make crucial mistakes in their ad setup that prevents them from seeing the best possible results. Take a look at the following Google Ads mistakes so that your small business can make the most of your ad spend. 

Mistake #1: Incorrect Geotargeting 

When setting up new ads, you’ll select a location to target. However, you need to also click “Location Options” to ensure that only people who are physically in your area are being shown your ads. Google defaults to showing ads to users who’ve shown interest in your location, but those users may be halfway around the world. Instead, adjust this setting to “Presence” to target only those people who are regularly in your selected locations. 

Mistake #2: No Bidding Strategy

Some businesses will maintain a manual bidding strategy, which isn’t ideal because of the high chance of human error. Alternatively, businesses may choose the wrong bidding strategy for their goals. If you’re trying to boost conversions on a tight budget for example, then click based strategies may not be as appropriate as cost-per-acquisition bidding. 

Mistake #3: Poor Keyword Choices 

Keywords are essential for ensuring that your ads are relevant to searcher’s inquiries, but it’s all too easy to select the wrong keywords or allow irrelevant broad match keywords, which will put your ads in front of users who may not really be interested in your services. Using negative match for keywords that fall into this category can help you keep your ads focused on the right audience, so that you can see more valuable clicks. 

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