Making the Most of Facebook Ads in 2023

A business man monitoring Facebook Ads on a laptop and phone.

As Facebook grows and expands, it offers more and more to businesses who want to increase engagement, drive traffic, and grow their audience. Using a layered marketing strategy that includes paid Facebook ads will get your message in front of the right audience at the right time. A marketing team can help you develop a strategy that makes the most of paid and organic marketing tools, including Facebook ads. 

Start Using Video Advertisements

Video advertisements are becoming more and more popular, as they enable businesses to tell in-depth brand stories and showcase products, services, and promotions. Facebook Reels are available in 150 countries and have a huge reach. Facebook gives business users the ability to fully customize and publish high-quality ads that will be promoted to a huge audience.

Create “Shoppable” Ads

Facebook Shops has consistently improved since it was first launched in 2020. Facebook’s Advantage+ Shopping ads allow businesses to test variations of advertisements to determine which ones perform best. These fully automated campaigns not only advertise a product and maintain user attention, but they also encourage user engagement by giving them the opportunity to make in-ad purchases for a seamless experience.

Use TikTok for Inspiration

TikTok quickly became a huge hub for advertisements from small, local businesses, independent retailers and influencers, and huge national corporations. TikTok ads take advantage of the latest viral trends and content ideas and make it easy to get products in front of a captive audience. Take note of how advertisements on TikTok perform and emulate those strategies in your Facebook video ads. Pay attention to global trends, hashtag challenges, and viral audio tracks.

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