How to Keep Customers Engaged After the Holidays

A hand holding a gift

The holidays are the busiest time of year for many businesses, especially ones that rely heavily on holiday sales to generate leads, gain new customers, and increase profits. Once the holidays are over, however, you can maintain your forward momentum by using strategic post-holiday marketing campaigns to keep customers engaged.

Launch a Post-Holiday Marketing Campaign in January

If you’ve increased your customer base through November and December holiday sales and marketing, you can keep customers engaged by launching a post-holiday marketing campaign in January. You might consider a campaign focused on the new year, New Year’s resolutions, or post-holiday sales or events.

Create or Amp Up Your Customer Loyalty Program

If you already have a customer loyalty program, you can use January to advertise some new perks or changes to keep new customers engaged. If you don’t have a customer loyalty program, January is the perfect time to launch one. You can offer a free gift with purchase, a point-based discount system, or upsell opportunities.

Increase Social Media Engagement

If you gained new followers on social media during your holiday marketing campaigns, you want to encourage them to stick around using strategic post-holiday marketing. Respond more frequently to follower comments and questions and create posts and content that encourages sharing and provides a clear call to action.

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