How SEO Is Changing in 2023

A marketing professional performing a Google search

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the key building blocks of any business’ marketing plan. Quality SEO helps your company rank higher in search engine results and makes it easier for customers looking for your products and services to find your website and social media accounts. Don’t get caught in the dark—learn about how SEO is changing in 2023 and how these SEO updates will affect your marketing plan.

Overview of Google’s 2023 Algorithm & SEO Update

When Google updates their core algorithm, it impacts SEO, keywords, and search rankings. This makes it crucial for business owners and marketing teams to stay on top of algorithm and SEO updates. A key update is coming from Google in 2023, and it includes changes that will cause search rankings to fluctuate.

What is changing?

This 2023 SEO update will change how Google evaluates and ranks websites. Sites that once showed up at the top of the search engine results page after a keyword search might now be pushed further down the page. However, website owners and marketing teams can fight these changes by being aware of how to adapt their onsite and local SEO.

What You Need to Keep in Mind

While it might take days or weeks to see the results of Google’s 2023 SEO update, you should keep an eye on your site’s traffic and keyword rankings so that you can determine how to tweak your SEO. You should also evaluate your site’s speed, mobile optimization, and indexing as those play a key role in your overall ranking.

Why is Google Updating Their Algorithm?

Per Google, they periodically review, analyze, and update SEO algorithms so that they can provide better search results to the public. They state that by optimizing their algorithm, they are meeting the ever changing and evolving needs of target audiences.

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