How Google Ads Impact Your Organic Search Rankings

Google search homepage displayed on a tabletheld by a business owner checking their Google Ads.

Most digital marketing experts will tell you to use both paid advertising and organic marketing to increase your reach and build your brand. Using pay-per-click (PPC) ads, or Google Ads, can improve your organic search engine rankings—here’s how. 

Click-Through Rates Are Higher

While consumers might favor organic search results when looking for a specific product or service, they aren’t immune to the effects of seeing a paid Google Ad on the same page. If your business is running Google Ads that perform well, you’re developing brand awareness and encouraging click-throughs and engagement.

Improved Brand Awareness

When users see your paid Google Ad, they will become more familiar with your business and branding. A combination of paid advertising, organic listings, and social media posts can help you build brand awareness and encourage future organic clicks and conversions.

Increase SERP Real Estate

Search engine results pages (SERP) have limited space for displaying information. When you run paid Google Ads, these ads take up valuable real estate on each SERP. This increases the likelihood of your ad getting a click, or just making sure your company name is front and center.

Improve Messaging

Google Ads allow you to test headlines quickly and find out what works and what doesn’t. This will help you refine your ads and perfect your messaging, so you can impact the widest audience possible. This data will also help you perfect organic SEO elements like meta data, heading tags, and calls to action.

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