Tips for Scaling Up Your Facebook Ad Budget

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If you’re already using Facebook advertising, you know just how effective it can be for focusing in on your target audience and ramping up sales for your business. You may also be at a point where you’re ready to increase your Facebook ad budget to further your reach and continue growing your business. If you’re ready to scale up with Facebook ads, use the following tips to ensure steady growth and a consistent rate of conversions. 

Use Insight from Existing Ads

One of the perks of advertising on Facebook is the wealth of demographic data available at your fingertips. You can truly customize audiences to match your business, so that you get more views, clicks, and engagement for your ads. If you’re already running ads, don’t ignore insight you’ve gained about images and ad copy that led to the highest number of clicks. Repeating successful promos and taking creative cues from previous campaigns is an easy way to set yourself up for success as you ramp up your spending. 

Build New Campaigns with Lookalike Audiences 

If you’re scaling up your Facebook ad budget, you are likely trying to reach new audiences with your ads. After all, existing customers are only going to spend so much money at your business. One way to expand your audience is by launching new campaigns with lookalike audiences to mimic previous campaigns. You can target a whole new group of consumers with similar demographics to those who have already engaged with your business, so you know they’re likely to want to see what you have to offer. 

Expand Your Geographic Reach 

Another way to make the most of a larger ad budget is by simply expanding your geographic area. You may be well-known in your own neighborhood, so maybe it’s time to expand to a wider region that’s still close enough to patronize your business but large enough to target new customers. If your business operates by visiting customers in a service area rather than at a single specific location, geographic targeting is especially helpful for drumming up interest in areas you want to expand to as your business grows.  

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