Updating Your Google Business Profile for the Holidays

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Your Google Business Profile is a very powerful tool that provides important information to every customer who searches for your business by name or looks for relevant products or services online in your target geographic area. By updating your Google Business Profile in Grand Rapids, MI for the holidays, you can make sure customers know about changes to operating hours and holiday schedules, special holiday sales, and commonly asked holiday-related questions.

Set Your Holiday Hours

If you have a retail store, showroom, or office, you’ll need to set your holiday store hours on your Google Business Profile. This ensures that when customers Google your business, they get accurate information about your hours of operation. To set holiday hours, just log into the Google Account associated with your Google Business Profile, go to your Google Business Profile Manager, and then click on Edit Profile, Business Information, Hours, and then Holiday Hours. Don’t forget to click Save after you’ve made your changes.

Regularly Check and Manage Reviews and Questions

With an increase in web traffic as customers shop online, you may also have an increase in customer questions and reviews associated with your Google Business Profile. Check these sections regularly and respond to customer questions and reviews in a thoughtful, professional, and consistent way.

Create a Holiday FAQs Post

A Holiday FAQs post will answer common customer questions as soon as they view your profile, so that they won’t even have to pick up the phone or send an email. You can either create a Google Post titled “Holiday FAQs” and list common questions and answers or log out of your Google Account and pose questions as a customer. This method requires you to then log back in and answer each question as a representative of your business.

Advertise Special Sales or Services Using Google Posts

Your Google Posts can also be used to highlight or advertise special holiday sales or services. These posts show up in the local panel on Google Search results and the Google Maps page. They help your listing stand out from competitors by providing immediate, relevant information front and center.

Need Help Updating Your Google Business Profile in Grand Rapids?

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