Exploring the Dos and Don’ts of Reputation Management

man in suit pointing to stars

Reputation management is a digital marketing service that focuses on increasing the volume of positive reviews your business receives, while minimizing the impact of negative reviews (or even stopping them in their tracks). If your business has a low star rating on Google or you’re struggling to get many reviews at all, reputation management can help you turn those trends around. Here are some of the dos and don’ts to consider when you start focusing on review marketing. 

Do Encourage Your Customers to Leave Feedback

Many business owners are hesitant to reach out to customers to encourage them to leave reviews, but customers often need an extra push to remind them to leave feedback. An email or text notification can be an effective reminder for your customers. However, don’t simply provide a link to your preferred review site. Instead, you’ll want to pre-screen customer feedback by asking if they had a positive or negative experience. Those who indicate a negative experience can leave feedback with you directly, while happy customers will be directed to review sites. 

Don’t Argue with Negative Reviews 

Even with a system to sift out negative reviews, some may still make their way onto your Google page or other review sites. While it is hard not to take a 1-star review personally, don’t give in to the urge to argue. Instead, reply to the review publicly with a brief apology and offer an email address or phone number where the dissatisfied reviewer can follow up with you in a private setting. This will show other prospective customers that you’re willing to make things right without escalating an argument. 

Do Share Your 5-Star Reviews 

Don’t hesitate to brag a little! When you get 5-star reviews, it’s okay to share them on Facebook, your website, and your Google My Business page. Doing so will only have a positive impact on how potential customers view your business. 
Need help getting a reputation management system in place? Leverage Marketing has you covered. Start boosting your star rating and seeing more great reviews from happy customers by contacting us for your free reputation report card.