What We Do For Your Business

We take your customers and turn more than 10% of them into an online review for you.
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More Reviews

We provide an avenue for you to get better reviews for your company. This is a review management service optimized for your industry. We help local businesses, acquire and manage reviews, thereby increasing their chances of getting more customers and having an enhanced business growth.

Easy Like Never Before


Better Reviews

We understand that you do great work for your customers, but sometimes you aren’t getting appropriate credit for it on Google, Facebook, and other review websites. You know how important reviews are to elevating your business above your competition, but you don’t know how to turn your happy customers into great online reviews.

Don’t worry; Leverage Marketing has the tools and process to easily and quickly get and manage your reviews.

Fast Results

With Leverage Marketing, you get quick results. To get you started with the service, we launch a campaign to your last 100 customers, and we coach you on the best way to request reviews from your customers. Following our initial campaign and our well designed process, most clients see 12-18% of their customers leave excellent online reviews.

More Customers With Your Reviews

Once you begin to generate more reviews from your existing customers it’s important to fully utilize this new business asset. You will be found more often online. You will get more calls. Your potential customers will already trust you more before they even contact you. We can publish your best reviews to your website, Twitter and Facebook. Additionally, we’ll show you how to work your online reputation into your sales process.