Get Your Business Found with Geocoding for Local Search Optimization

Use Leverage Location to rank better for all the things you do best, rank locally in all the places you serve, and earn more fans with richer social media, to drive more traffic, better qualified leads, and more jobs. Build your online reputation, and organic search rankings at the local level in every city, town, suburb and neighborhood you serve. Ranking in more places for more of what you do for customers will feature you higher in more searches and deliver more online leads. 

Search is becoming more local everyday and Leverage Location will help keep you ahead of the curve. You will build an ever stronger online presence and reputation resulting in better local rankings, traffic and leads.

How Does Leverage Location Do It?

Using the LeverageLocation Nearby Now mobile app, on the job pictures are easy to take and distribute, geo-coded and instantly published to your website with a click of a button.

What is the Leverage Location App?

An easy to use mobile app built for Android or iPhone makes it simple to build marketing content creation into the daily workflow of your business. Take before and after pictures on jobs, add some comments with good keywords and push a button to publish across your businesses website, social media and major directories.

Why It Works

Quick checkins from every job give you local search value for every city and neighborhood, keyword value for everything you do, and a relevant media photo or video rankings boost. All the checkins boost local search rankings for your own site, driving more traffic and leads straight to you. Creating fresh geocoded content is the lifeblood of visibility for local businesses, but it’s tough to do in the daily workflow. Leverage Location is a custom built service for local
companies to make this process simple.

What's a "Check In"?

Your team creates a stream of hyper local content by checking in every time they serve a customer. Checkins describe what they did, why it is great, and can include a photo or a video. Checkins get dropped where the customer came from, out where your prospects are, to give your own website better rankings at the local level in all the cities and neighborhoods that matter most.

Visit Client

Take Relevant Picture

Add Description

1 Button Push to Website, Social Media, and Listings Pages!

Dominate Google.

Enhance Your Site

City pages on your own website show every checkin, every photo, and every video. This will deliver you better rankings and reputation at the local level in every single city you serve, meaning leads that come straight to you.

Boost Your Social Media

You can also share the photos, videos, and checkins to a range of social and professional media sites including Google My Business, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

Let's Grow Your Business!

We’ve tripled the size of some businesses with our methods and if you’re a good fit we can help you grow as well.

A 20-minute strategy call to discuss how we can help grow your reputation and your profits.

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