5 Features Customers Expect to See on Your Business Website

graphic of builder working on website

Your business website is the first thing that most potential customers see when researching your company or local services. If your website is poorly constructed, loads too slowly, doesn’t work on mobile, or has outdated information, customers will leave in favor of visiting a competitor’s site. Here are five key features customers expect to see on business websites in Grand Rapids, MI:

Contact Information

This may seem obvious, but yet many businesses overlook it. Your business website should have easy to find contact information, separated by department if possible. If your customers have questions, they don’t want to have to spend an hour clicking around on your site trying to find out how to reach someone. They will end up writing a negative review, or going to one of your competitors.

Up-to-Date Descriptions of Products and Services

A bare bones website won’t do it anymore for local businesses. If you want to compete in the online marketplace with larger corporations, you need to make sure that first-time visitors know exactly what you offer. Include photos and/or descriptions of your products and services so that customers won’t question what you have to offer over other businesses.

Security Features

If you’re asking for customer’s personal information or financial information, it needs to be immediately apparent on your website that their information will be protected and encrypted, and won’t be sold to other companies.

Social Media Integration

While your business might be the first stop for potential customers, you have a chance to offer customers more ways to stay in touch and interact with your business by offering social media integration. Provide links to follow your company on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, and LinkedIn, and share content across your profiles.

Easy and Accessible Navigation Options

A key component of attracting and retaining visitors to your site is by making it accessible to all. Make sure you use accessibility options and make your site easy to navigate. And don’t forget to optimize your site for mobile.

At Leverage Marketing, We Can Design and Build a Custom Website That Works

At Leverage Marketing, we can design and build a custom business website in Grand Rapids, MI that works for your needs and budget. Our staff has been working with local businesses in the Grand Rapids, MI area for years, and we are business owners ourselves. In addition to helping local businesses manage their websites, we also offer management of Google Business Profile and Google Ads, strategic review management, listings management, local SEO, website tuneups, and email marketing. Contact us today at (616) 377-4392 to learn more or schedule a free strategy session.